Coe performance

rupture, discord, decentered art

Art Miami, Dec. 6-7, 2011

Wayne Coe

Patrick Todd

Kathleen Vance

Daniel Aycock

Jorge Pardo is an exceptional Cuban-American artist  I met at Art Center College of Design. My performance piece includes him in homage to advice he gave me, as a librarian at Art Center College of Design. Did his insight come from being Cuban? I was fresh out of Oklahoma, an art wasteland.

Pardo  advised me, “I’d stay away from Tink Adams (AC’s founder), he was a Nazi sympathizer, and chauvanist. Art Center didn’t have a female instructors till the seventies.”

Dec. 7, rainy day 

yet sand stayed.

I’m not sure I believed him, I didn’t follow his advice. After my pitch the whole review panel said they loved the pitch but “could you please take out the material about Tink Adams.” This from the ART CENTER producers themselves; drop Tink Adams from the script,

My eighteen interview (all prior AC vids had 9) recruitment video won the CASE Award for best 1993 college Recruitment video.

An early lesson from a politically conscious artist, corporations & states are founded on corruption. When serving a corporation - you must consciously conceal & deny dirty secrets to advance.

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Conceptual slippage