“Ferocious!”  “Epic!”

FREEDOM FIGHTER #1 is a true crime graphic novel by Wayne Coe based on the 1999 MLK Assassination Conspiracy Trial.

FREEDOM FIGHTER shows the battle of secretive military operations against the black church (Red Summer) & three generations of Martin Luther King, Jr's family.




Available at: 

Printed Matter, NYC, 

MASS MOCA Research & Development, North Adams, MA, 

Pure Folly Books, Hudson, NY.

$26 includes postage & handling. FREEDOM FIGHTER #1, color cover, 36 black & white pages, 11.8” x 7.5”.

$200 Special, signed edition of 300, stamped with artist’s forensic hand print.

FREEDOM FIGHTER is a graphic novel based on the 1999 Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial. In one hour the Jury unanimously decided King was assassinated by “government agencies”. FREEDOM FIGHTER’s a true crime thriller by Wayne Coe, creator of GRIM PRAIRIE TALES.

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